Koda CrossFit would like to announce the only couples competition in Oklahoma to be held on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at Koda CrossFit in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This year, as always, Cupid's Revenge will be a fun, yet competitive, couples competition. It will consist of three workouts and a floater that will be released before registration opens on January 6th, 2014 (Rx competitors only, Scaled registration opens on Jan. 7th at 8pm). Couples will be able to register in the Rx'd or Scaled divisions. Each workout will include both members of the couple and will challenge everyone no matter their division. Couples do not have to be romantically involved, just a man and a woman.

ATHLETE & SPECTATOR INFORMATION - Including sponsors, workouts, heat schedule and teams.

Don't forget the After Party to begin at Koda CrossFit at 8:00pm on Saturday, February 15, 2014.

Past Cupid's Revenge Winners


Ryan Funderberg & Christina Merlo
Kameron Rosenau & Kristen Rosenau
Jon Mcartor & Paige Millspaugh

Cody Gayer & Stephanie Malone
Kyle Kauk & Heidi Mahnken
Derek Nelson AnhThu Nguyen


Drew Hymer & Ginny King
Brian Harris & Amy Backel
Jarred Smith & Solange Eddy

Matt McGee & Heidi Mahnken
David Falco & Sasha Rogers
Brian Emery & Katie Walker


Denver McPhail & Ginny King
Kameron Rosenau & Kristen Rosenau
Drew Hymer & Kristen Isch

Wade Bittle & Jo Bittle
Chris Smith & Erica Smith
Jason Boag & Kim Boag

Prescribed Teams

1. Teddy Lehman & Tessie Taleu Koda CrossFit Norman
2. Kip McCarthy & Daisha Wilson Koda CrossFit
3. Harley Smith & Michelle Armentrout 918 CrossFit
4. Mickey Dollens & Elizabeth Biggs Koda CrossFit Norman
5. Eric Douglass & Solange Eddy Koda CrossFit
6. Anthony Silva & Kristen Fling Koda CrossFit Norman
7. Anthony Taylor & Melissa Dinsmore CrossFit Bellator
8. Bill Buffington & Kim Rhodes Zombie Bunny CrossFit
9. Daniel Laakman & Virginia Laakman Koda CrossFit
10. Josh Wolverton & Calli Cooper Koda CrossFit

11. Drew Hymer & Kelsey Duncan CrossFit OKC
12. Zac Zuspann & Lillie West Crossfit Complete
13. Noah Millsap & Kara Paslay 918 CrossFit
14. Tucker Hood & Jen Newman CrossFit Doom Room
15. Casey McCallister & Maria Kroeker Koda CrossFit Norman
16. Kameron Rosenau & Kristen Rosenau CrossFit OKC
17. Dylan Rowan & Annie Rowan CrossFit T-Town
18. Chris Pace & Taylor Sanders Koda CrossFit
19. Jon Mcartor & Paige Millspaugh CrossFit T-Town
20. Ryan Funderberg & Christina Merlo CrossFit T-Town

Scaled Teams

1. Paul Lakin & Shanna Lakin Lakin Garage
2. Aaron O'Neil & Holly Bookout CrossFit 405
3. Justin Terrell & Staci Jo Welch Koda CrossFit
4. Tyler Pomeroy & Emily Pomeroy Koda CrossFit
5. Jason Thomason & Trisha Thomason Crossfit Heavy Steel
6. Kyle Kauk & Heidi Mahnken Koda CrossFit
7. Tyler Nels & Leaha Nels CrossFit Complete
8. David Falco & Sasha Rogers CrossFit Real Effort
9. James Bennett & Natasha Bennett Koda CrossFit
10. Derek Nelson & AnhThu Nguyen Crossfit Complete
11. David Brice & Miranda Park CrossFit Tulsa
12. Ryan Pratt & Pinky Kuan Ground Zero CrossFit
13. Jacob Charney & Stephanie Smith CrossFit T-Town
14. Steve Iobst & Pascha Brim CrossFit Owasso
15. Henry Schmidt Christy Cowan Koda CrossFit

16. Doug Bridges & Elizabeth Le Koda CrossFit
17. Kye Nimz & Katie Hamm F5/Koda CrossFit
18. Josh Samara & Tierney Rue CrossFit Doom Room
19. Cory Lechtenberger & Abbe Lansdown 918 CrossFit
20. Cody Gayer & Stephanie Malone Koda CrossFit Norman
21. Kyle Cermak & Katie Rogders CrossFit T-Town
22. Brett Brewer & Kyleigh Brewer Deer Creek CrossFit
23. Matt Blose & Katie Johnson Koda CrossFit
24. Richard Lopez & Shelby Rackley CrossFit 66
25. Nick Burn & Mandy Nightingale CrossFit T-Town
26. David Peebles & Meagan Hall 918 CrossFit
27. Howard Doss & Katherine Kozicki 918 CrossFit
28. Charlie Saxon & Melanie Foster Koda CrossFit Norman
29. Steven Romancheck & Leila Adlamini Koda Crossfit
30. Michael O'Brien & Jamie Potter Ground Zero CrossFit

st Workout

Workout #1 Video

12 Minute Timecap:
GUYS: 21-15-9
RX: Cleans (135#) & Ring Dips Scaled: Cleans (105#) & Bar Dips THEN!
GIRLS: 15-12-9
RX: Deadlifts (135#) & Ring Dips Scaled: Deadlifts (105#) & Push Ups

nd Workout

Workout #2 Video

7 Total Minutes To Find:
3 Rep Max
Shoulder To Overhead

rd Workout

Workout #3 Video

17 Minute Timecap:
400m Run
60 Wall Balls
(Rx: 30/15 Slam Ball, Scaled 20/14 Wall Ball)
400m Run
60 Overhead Lunges
(Rx: 30/15 Slam Ball, Scaled 20/14 Wall Ball)
400m Run
60 Pull Ups (Rx: Chest To Bar, Scaled: Chin Over Bar)
400m Run w/ Slam Ball / Wall Ball

th Floater

Floater WOD Video

2 Minute Timecap:
500m/400m Row
Max Effort Burpees
Over Rower
**Tie Break: Row Time

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